Mission Statement



A good school should

  • concern itself with the overall well-being of the student - would care for the spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and emotional well-being of each student.
  • have a strict, firm but fair discipline which would facilitate character formation.  It would be a caring, decent and just institution.
  • See itself as a community within a community.  It would try to inculate a sense of self-worth in students.  It would never put them down and would help give them confidence in their own abilities.  A good school would have any easy-going, friendly atmosphere between teachers and students.
  • have a competent, dedicated and enthusiastic staff with a high morale, all working towards the goal of helping the students entrusted to them.
  • have a good relationship with parents and be welcoming of them in the school.

Academic performance would be very important with the goal that each student would achieve results commensurate with his abilities; it would hope to direct its students towards the niche in life most suited to them.  By providing a wide variety of subjects to choose from so as to cater for as broad a spectrum of abilities and aptitudes as possible.  It would seek to accommodate and help students from all types of backgrounds and of all ability levels.

A good Christian Brothers' school would have a catholic ethos, where the religion is taught in a Christian atmosphere in a broad-minded and tolerant way.  It would inculate the principles of good living and be always mindful of the spiritual dimension to life.


CBS Dungarvan aspires to being such a school.

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