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Code of Behaviour:

CBS Dungarvan has a Code of Behaviour for students which ensures effective and efficient management of the school. Students have a right to learn and teachers have a right to teach. Our Code of Behaviour fosters learning in an orderly and positive atmosphere.  We aim to encourage our students to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves.

After-School Study is organised for 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th year students.  It is available Monday to Friday for two hours after school.  Study is supervised by teachers.

School Uniform consists of a grey shirt, school tie, crested school jumper, grey trousers and black shoes.  Sports gear is also necessary for PE classes. The school uniform may be purchased at Noel Devereux’s, Dungarvan. (058) 41113.

Parent/Teacher Meetings take place once a year for each year group. This affords both parents/guardians and teachers an opportunity to discuss the student’s progress. Of course parents/guardians are welcome to make an appointment to see a teacher at any time. It is also customary to communicate by email, phone or through the student’s school diary.

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